You are intimidating

22 Feb

Treadmills are the motorized equivalent of walking or running in place.You simply keep up with a belt that’s moving under your feet.There are worse things to be considered than “intimidating,” but when a guy assigns you that adjective, it can feel like a bit of a low blow. Are you intimidating as in he wouldn’t want to try and take you in an arm wrestling match, or are you intimidating as in he’s pretty sure you could break his heart with no more than a wink and a smile?

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Many have added flashy new features, such as Internet hookups so that you can run and walk with other treadmillers from all over the globe.If you won’t put up with him being a classless d-bag, what other crappy behaviors will he find himself unable to get away with?“I don’t know how to interact with a woman who isn’t a pushover.” He’s discovered that unlike most women, he can’t get away with walking all over you…Treadmill workouts burn about the same number of calories as walking or running outdoors. When you incline the treadmill to simulate running uphill, it’s somewhat easier than running up real-life hills of the same grade.But walking uphill on a treadmill is virtually the same as walking uphill outdoors.