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10 Feb

National Slide Company 53 State Street Boston Mass.

— A new moving picture theater is being erected at Frankford avenue and Ontario street, which will cost ,000.

Last evening an exhibitor from an neighboring town visited our theatre, and almost his first question was "where do you get all the light?

Foote, Manager Let me have your order now — I make an allowance in trade for your old rheostat on current saver.

At one of the tables an artist, who genius, before dissipation dragged it down, gave promise of great things is drinking with one of the city's celebrated demi-mondes.A dance is proposed and to the passionate strains of a wild Hungarian waltz the party whirl about in a delirium of drunken hilarity.Write to-day for booklet giving full particulars and copy of the Eidson Kinetogram.— The Pastime Theater has been sold to Edward Massie by Max Grat.— -A new moving picture theater is being built here.