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15 Apr

Do you remember your first kiss or the first time you made out with your lover?Just the act of kissing or getting your breasts fondled left you hard and sliding off the slippery chair.I’ve been a rabid fan of the franchise since childhood and I’ve got the wedgie scars to prove it.While still maintaining a semi-functional adult life I pen the One Trek Mind column at Star and host panels at episode ever, it’s not like we just shot photon torpedoes at the wall.And it’s probably called dry sex because you don’t exchange body fluids with each other.[Read: 10 sexy ways to discreetly seduce a guy who isn’t yours already] Dry sex definitely feels good, as the friction and pressure you feel on your labia and clitoris could stimulate you and make you feel sexually excited.There’s always something new to experience, and there’s always one step more to take towards better orgasms.

[Read: How to kiss a guy and leave him hard and wanting for more] It’s the same with sex, and that’s why there’s really no hurry to rush into it.

Your boyfriend too may enjoy his erection more because of the pressure he feels against his member.

To understand it better, think of it as grinding your butt at a guy when you’re dancing at a pervy party. And yet, I need to say this, sex is completely overrated!

It’s a tough world, being in a new relationship, having to behave like you know everything about sex already, and having to be ready for everything sex has to offer to you and your body.

[Read: 10 naughty sex games to play with your boyfriend in bed] But you know what, seriously, even full blown adults can’t claim to be masters of sex and sexual stimulation!