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13 May

Pharrell Williams]Play on You Tube - WTF (Where They From) [feat. Pharrell Williams]Download on Amazon - Runway Walk (feat. Nearby at Grey house, Grace sits on her bed, studying the driving manual.It’s become clear that Grace’s reluctance to take her driving test has nothing to do with her not being ready.Stephanie tries to tell Ben that her motive was the expectations her mother has for men she dates but, after spending the day with Betty, Ben knows that Betty isn’t the problem.Hurt and frustrated, Ben asks Stephanie, “If you’re too embarrassed to let people know we’re dating... ” The next day Stephanie and her mom talk about the situation with Ben.

My parents had a strict policy of “nothing before marriage.” I guess you could say I came from a very sheltered household with no understanding of the real world. I was (and still am) Amritdhari and she was on that path. What on Earth did she mean by I shrugged and tried to hide my discomfort. With a puzzled look she disgustingly responded “Wait. Ew, not going to lie, but that’s kinda disgusting.” The typical couple fighting began. My image of her had changed completely, as I’m sure her’s did too. If you can’t accept me for what I am on the outside, how can you ever expect to accept me for what I am on the inside?

Contrary to Stephanie’s assumptions, Betty found Ben to be a charming man.

Stephanie suspects her mom isn’t being sincere and that deep down, she finds Ben’s working class roots unacceptable.

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Pharrell Williams]Play on Spotify - WTF (Where They From) [feat.