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02 Apr

Expanding unit: The former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, 32, married Tye Strickland in 2009.They have a daughter Ava Grace, four, and a son Beckett Thomas, 18 months.That's when her personal life first fell apart, and the man that she was in love with broke up with her.To help her get over her heartbreak and overcome depression, her friends nominated her to participate as a contestant on The Bachelor.Maybe they sent her away on The Bachelor to stop having to hear her crazy rehashing about Tye's faults over and over again, which is what she does throughout the book.When it gets to the section on the show, there are few details as to what went on.When Mesnick revealed that he was breaking his engagement off with her because he chose the wrong girl, she garnered a lot of respect for handling the shock with such grace and decorum even though she was angry and heartbroken.Two days later, Melissa clinched a spot on Dancing With The Stars, placing third in the competition, and reconciled with her true love.

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I used to like Melissa Rycroft until I read her book--instead of the innocent girl-next-door she comes across as a complete whackjob who does nothing but blabber on and on about her insecure feelings about men.There is little in it beyond "I'm mad at Tye and confused why men act the way they do." It may be worth reading for those hungry to hear anything about what it's like to stay silent for five months about your engagement (no wonder these TV couples break up--it makes sense after reading this! But it could have been an interesting behind-the-scenes story of what happens when a girl is plucked out of nowhere to become a TV personality.Instead it's just another story of a woman who wants to be Cinderella but doesn't know how to pick Prince Charming.As the only couple out of the three finalists not to have won a previous season, The Bachelor star and her dance professional partner looked totally stunned when they were crowned winners over runners-up Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough. I know you're laughing but this is what it is,' she told the disbelieving crowd.'Yeah, this is what it is,' Val said.Despite a string of perfect scores in recent weeks, Melissa and Tony were not considered favourites - especially after Shawn and Derek scored perfect 10s from all three judges for their final dance, compared to the winners' lower 9.5s.'Listen, I hope everybody could have friendships like this,' Kelly said. 'Unconditional love for one another, whatever that label is. It's a relationship I cherish - she can rely on me and I know I can rely on her.'After they were voted off, Kelly said: 'This guy is the most incredible man and he's the most talented dancer out there.