Who is tanika ray dating

06 Feb

"There were these old, English wood-carved chairs that were very stately, but they were piled on top of each other with spider webs and dirt and crud.

They were literally the most decaying, gray-green color I've ever seen, [but] I just knew they could be my dining room chairs," she says.

After having them professionally stained hot pink, Ray covered the seats in a matching ostrich fabric. I think there's always little tweaks along the way that take you through each season," she says.

"They are the biggest conversation starters in my house," she says.

"When I'm super busy and I have no time for myself, the best way that I've found that I can reconnect with Tanika is by doing little projects around my house, sprucing up my space or, as I like to call it, 'jujing,'" she says.

TANIKA'S CROWNING DESIGN MOMENT Ray, a self-professed "project chica," believes that small details are what really transform a space.

I’ve hosted numerous shows for NBC, CW, HGTV, LIFETIME, TLC, BET, TVOne including many reunions shows for Lifetime & VH.

"I might get inspired in the middle of the night to make pillows, to repaint a bathroom, to recover an ottoman.

I could switch around my curtains, and I have a new home.

Because I was confined to my bedroom, I think that I was really able to dream big and design out loud, if you will." Designing out loud is not only a motto that Ray has adopted for her forthcoming blog and novice design projects, it's also the way she lives her life, she says, which has meant ditching unfulfilling jobs and opening up a space for opportunities like the one she says recently fell into her lap.

WATCH: After the show wrapped, Ray headed back to LA and got to work redecorating her home, channeling all of the ideas she took from the show into design moments of her own.