Who is scroobius pip dating

02 May

Not everyone will agree with everything in the podcast.

While most of Scroobius Pip’s guests on his Distraction Pieces podcast are celebrities, he also likes to interview people “that aren’t as famous but are very much worth our audience hearing”.

WARNING: Embargoed for publication until on 24/01/2017 - Programme Name: Taboo - TX: 28/01/2017 - Episode: Taboo - Ep 4 (No.

In one months time @walklikepanther comes out and no less than EIGHT of the cast members have previously been guests on the Distraction Pieces Podcast (9 if you count me...).

Ideologically, this is the worst album of the year. Call it the first album in history that’s catered specifically for the dudes who spend their days posting to the BBC’s ‘Have Your Say’ forums.

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It’d be nice to think that Scroobius Pip’s inability to say any more than three syllables in a row without sounding like he’s just run up thirteen flights of stairs is a pastiche of clueless white-boy rappers who have no idea of what hip-hop is, and think it’s just a medium to crowbar their creepy worldview into song, regardless of melody or rhythm.

It’d be nice to think that the lines_ “When I get back from hell again / I’m gonna be so elegant”_ is said by someone with a glint in his eye. These guys mean absolutely everything they say and do on this record.

Being as there are types of carcinogen that people enjoy more than Akira the Don albums, and that nobody can remember Jon The Whiteboy Rapper without recourse to months of suppressed memory therapy, it’s hard to know what Lex – who put out ‘’ – were thinking of signing two guys who have gotten lost on the way from the student union poetry slam.

Most people are gonna be aware of them solely from their novelty hit of last year, ‘’, a list song that was presumably meant to serve as John Cooper Clarke for the My Space generation, but sounded more like Barenaked Ladies for the Old Blue Last crowd. Not solely through its sound, which was forgettable early 2000s hipster-hop, but the lyrical content.

There was something sinister about a dude that looks like forgotten ‘90s comedian Phil Kay and his roly-poly chum holding forth on what urban music must do in order to meet with their approval.