Who is martina navratilova dating

04 Mar

Navratilova has no children and previously described the joys of parenting after Lemigova and her children moved in with her.

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She is one of the few big-time athletes to legally marry in the United States.

artina Navratilova proposed to longtime girlfriend Julia Lemigova at US Open Tennis Championships on Saturday.

The 57-year-old tennis legend popped the question during a break while she was providing colour commentary for the men’s matches and the moment was telecast on the Jumbotron, a large screen television, at the New York’s Arthur Ashe stadium.

The 59-time Grand Slam winner, who won a history-making 1,442 singles matches, has been dating Lemigova, a past Miss USSR, since 2006.

Lemigova has two children from a previous marriage, and now runs a skincare business.