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20 Mar

It was then reported a month later in August of 2015 that a Robert Biden's name was found among the hacked records of users on the extramarital affair site Ashley Madison. Two months after that report emerged however the couple formally separated, which would have also been right around the same time that Joe Biden announced he would not seek office.

In her court filing Kathleen also said that her estranged husband 'has not provided sufficient support to meet the needs of [herself] and the children.'She makes a point of noting however that he can be generous with money if he is spending it on himself.

Hunter and Kathleen's minor daughter Maisy was not at their Washington DC home at the time, but instead in Los Angeles with her grandfather Joe and best friend Sasha Obama watching the World Cup.

Hallie's two children were also not home as her father-in-law also took along her son Hunter and daughter Natalie on the trip.'His recent conduct creates situations that are unsafe or traumatic for the parties' children and his judgment, is frequently impaired,' wrote Kathleen in the filing.

That motion was submitted because Hunter's spending has left the family with 'no funds to pay legitimate bills' according to Kathleen.Hunter loves and admires Kathleen as a person, a mother, and a friend.He hopes their privacy can be respected at this time.Biden, through counsel, denied possession of the diamond.'Hunter has now admitted to being in possession of the diamond according to the motion, which was filed just days before it was revealed that the son of former vice president Joe Biden was dating his brother Beau's widow Hallie.Court filing: Kathleen Biden filed a Motion to Enjoin Dissipation of Assets in February to try and freeze her estranged husband Hunter's assets after growing concerned with his reckless spending (Hunter and Ashley above in April 2016, six months after they separated)Kathleen is asking for a divorce and sole custody of her minor child with husband Robert 'Hunter' Biden in documents filed on December 9 of last year.