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And here in the Osage lived remarkable Indian leaders, a future president, men and women who would become entertainment stars, a war hero, oilmen who staked fortunes on formations hidden deep underground, cattlemen who braved drought, blizzard and the vagaries of markets, even an outbreak of outlaws famous or otherwise.

Paint The Osage in these hues and your visitors will get the fascinating picture. 2,251 square miles, the largest county in Oklahoma, larger than either Delaware or Rhode Island.

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(Tell kids that they are older than the dinosaurs and their eyes will glaze with awe.) Slicing through the Tallgrass’ eastern sector is the Cross Timbers, a natural barrier of tangled growth that helped separate woodland and Plains Indians and was a tough wall to breach for soldiers, pioneers and early-day oilmen.

The grave is just north of 11’s junction with Oklahoma 123; it is the tallest marker and topped by a cross.

Barnsdall was an oil town that survived flood, tornado, major fire, nitro wagon explosion and a deadly blast at its refinery in a 14-year span. 60, this community, supposedly named for cockleburs on a nearby bluff, gave its name to the greatest of the Osage oilfields.

NAMES ON THE LAND Osage – a French corruption of Wa-sha’-she or Wa-zha’-zhe, the name by which tribesmen called themselves. Wynona – A now-faded oil-boom town on Oklahoma 99 south of Pawhuska that means “first-born daughter” in Sioux language.

The Osages are members of the southern Sioux linguistic group, along with such closely related tribes as the Kaw (or Kansa), Omaha, Ponca and Quapaw. Hominy – Important oil town in the southern part of the county on Oklahoma 99 and Oklahoma 20.