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07 Feb

In more detail: After moving from Italy to London, Luca Amaduzzi became aware of the danger of cycling in the London, and was inspired to create CYCL - innovative cycling safety products aimed at cyclists in urban areas.

Business startup service: In more detail: Booking taxis made easier, with location favourites and popular journeys at your fingertips.

Just spawn a clone of yourself with "player.placeat me 7" then kill it and it wil have the items u start with.

An increasing number of UK universities are encouraging students to develop their projects and ideas, by providing funding, support and other invaluable resources to help grow their students' entrepreneurial talent.

Protectron and Assaultrons have a Head laser that can be used by pressing the bash/power attack (Left Alt or RB)Sentry bots have these bomb launchers that can be used with the sneak key/button and the Bash/power Attack key/button (Left Alt or RB)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you choose to disable this mod, delete all the files so it doesn't effect what it changes.

You can use all guns but the mesh will not appear in your hands due to the fact theres no real skeleton here so i made it to size 0, so you wont see a fatman under your feet.

SOO this will only work if you start a new game and do the boring intro again or you can just skip it all together with a console command.

Now if you want to be one of the robots you need to only load the main mod, do not load any skins.

now load your own save and change the race into the robot you want.

enter setrace 1assaultron or setrace 1protectron or setrace 1sentrybot, and now it will be a invisible robot but now you have to save, quit and pick a skin you want for that robot and after you loaded it up it will display the model onto your old save, note you do not get any goodies doing it this way.

You can also change their animations by changing the race.