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04 May

She loved jewelry and makeup, and she never left the house in a less than perfect state of appearance.For nine years, my father and I lived next door to her, and she raised me. My father was in his early twenties when I was born.We combine fluency shaping, modification and cognitive therapy strategies to design a comprehensive program to fit individual needs.Read More Gain confidence in your ability to help young children who stutter by using our groundbreaking manual.Learn more about stuttering therapy Our Center is staffed by certified and state licensed speech-language pathologists and Board Certified specialists in Fluency who are dedicated to helping people who stutter, of all ages, find their voice.In addition, we provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for all disorders of speech, including articulation, language, phonological process, to name a few.And I wish I could warn him of the dangers that lie down that road.My Grandma and Me When I was eight years old, I too wanted to be a girl.

He struggled with my feminine impulses, always trying to push me toward sports and male friends and discouraging my grandmother’s influence.

The authors now share their successful approach to direct stuttering therapy in book form.

Their enthusiasm is catching and their clinical instincts unerring.

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