View random cams for ipad

07 Apr

I had a question about the software and called the 800 number and was quickly helped by a rep.

on Location: Ontario, Canada Do it yourself Installation Camera mounting takes the longest time with deciding on the location around your house.

With mouse hooked up to NVR, you get a good zoom feature from all cameras, and the setup truly took no time to complete. One was bad pretty much out of the box and the other one died about 1 year later. App works great and is much better then the old system I had.

I would say not a bad price for the security system I purchased - good product. on Location: Canada Very easy to install as I did it myself. The only thing I would like to see is cloud access. I bought a second system for my father-in-law after several months of having mine.

called Tech Support and had a new one at my house in a view Days.

Very Happy with this product and it's operation. Also the phone App is great to be able to see live view around my house.

on Location: Florida This is my second Lorex system and it's been working beautifully since day one. Have caught some people trying to steal stuff from my neighbors and this system got those criminals jail time! on Location: Boca Raton Got the equipment and everything looked great.

The smartphone app illicits "wows" from everyone that I show it.

The NR8141 includes a hefty 1TB security grade hard drive preinstalled.

This heavy-duty hard drive is built for specifically for security camera systems.

Drak on Location: Toronto, ON, Canada I purchased this 4-camera system after much review and assessment of my requirements and I can say that it has so far met all of my expectations.

The quality of the camera is awesome and mine is not even the higher 3MB 1080P type of the newer 4K.