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Groomsmen may also participate in local or regional traditions, such as decorating the newlywed couple's car.The other and also very important task of the best man is to give a speech during the wedding. The men were called bride-knights, and represented a survival of the primitive days of marriage by capture, when a man called his friends in to assist to "lift" or kidnap the bride, or from the need to defend the bride from would-be kidnappers.They are usually picked as close personal friends of the groom who have served with him.Their role includes forming the traditional saber arch for the married couple and guests to walk through.In most modern Anglophone countries, the groom extends this honor to someone who is close to him, generally close friend or relative (such as a sibling or cousin).

Sex dolls are part of the Billion sex toy industry, which has grown exponentially in both storefront and online outlets.The most visible duty of the groomsmen is helping guests find their places before the ceremony and to stand near the groom during the wedding ceremony.Additionally, the groom may request other kinds of assistance, such as planning celebratory events such as a bachelor party, also called a stag-do or buck's night; helping make the wedding pleasant for guests by talking with people who are alone or dancing with unaccompanied guests or bridesmaids, if there is dancing at a wedding reception; or providing practical assistance with gifts, luggage, or unexpected complications.This is usually decided between the bride and groom before the wedding. The best man is the chief assistant to the groom at a wedding and (along with the maid of honour) is the third most important in attendance after the bride and groom.While the role is older, the earliest surviving written use of the term best man comes from 1782, observing that "best man and best maid" in the Scottish dialect are equivalent to "bride-man and bride-maid" in England.