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30 Mar

This all comes down to what they mean by "support." Is it all encompassing to include that all services and development for the console will cease? It also states that they will begin "phasing out" the 360 in 2016, which makes it sound more like they intend to gradually stop 360 development and services rather than end them all in one stroke.What happens to Wo T on the 360 if Microsoft really pulls the plug? Okay so you're saying that Live will still be available but there won't be any updates? Like no new Xbox models, controllers, wires, or you mean like maintenance on servers, software updates and that [email protected] OK so if you're seeing rollbacks, then that seemingly proves that the update is being downloaded and installed after all, so the deployment key wouldn't be an issue, an that rules out a few other possible issues.The most common reason for local rollbacks are: method outputs a bunch of logs, but React Native "disables" them in release builds by default.Android is working fine in dev mode and in Google Play.Any suggestions on how I can pull logs from the App Store version (if that's even possible) to give you all more information on the issue?Accept Terms of Use – You can now connect your Xbox 360 to a network that requires a Terms of Use acceptance (common in hotels, hospitals, and other public venues).After first connecting you will be prompted to test your Xbox Live connection and will then be directed to use Internet Explorer to login to the network.

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My understanding of "no longer supporting" is like taking Xbox Live from the 360 and no longer doing anything that would have anything to do with the 360.

You can run "code-push deployment ls APP_NAME -k" to compare the keys with the one you configured with your app. does match the key returned with the code-push ls -k command.

Additionally, you can run "code-push deployment h APP_NAME DEPLOYMENT" to confirm that your release was made to the expected deployment. The interesting thing is that the history command shows rollbacks. It's odd that the App Store version is rolling back when running straight from Xcode doesn't.

The Xbox 360 received a system update today that brings all the new features showcased in Preview for the last few months to the world.

In addition to the great things we’ve already announced here, here, and here – we’re excited to announce three new features with today’s update.