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31 Mar

You will probably notice that the command-line is featured heavily in this article, with little mention (usually all they will get is about a sentence mention each, if they are really notable) of graphical user interface (GUI) front-ends for these programs, this is because I tend to find command-line front-ends for package managers are more stable than their graphical counterparts.

To ensure that everything in this post is clear as day to understand I felt I should explain some acronyms, terminology and formatting conventions adopted in this post.

Configuring these packages is required in order to set up a database with them. To save time the first time you do this you may wish to run Unmerges (that is, uninstalls) software packages specified.

WARNING: This command ignores packages that may depend on the unmerged packages.

Entropy is maintained by Fabio Erculiani and other developers of Sabayon, while Layman and Portage are both maintained by the Gentoo community.

This section will cover some of the preliminary information for each of these programs, including their command-line syntax, so as to make the rest of this post easier to understand.

This is a term I am using to mean data transferred via a network, such as the Internet.Multiple options can be combined with certain actions, often using the shortened notation.For example, to combine the ask and verbose options when emerging GNU Octave, one can run the shortened form , in (1) means the options separated by it and between the square brackets are mutually-exclusive options (that is, you either pick one or you pick none, depending on what you want to do).The best example Linux package manager that works with source code packages by default is Portage.Entropy, Layman and Portage are all written in Python, Bash script and to smaller extents other programming languages like C.