Updating ontario health card

29 Feb

To get the many old, invalid or fraudulent red-and-white Ontario Health Cards out of circulation, a human being at Service Ontario needs to physically see you, and ensure you are who you say you are and you are an eligible resident of Ontario to make that switch.

A final personal anecdote: many people who know me are aware that your MPP is a tech-savvy elected official.

Many of us already have the new photo ID Ontario Health Card, which contains many built-in verification features to ensure that you are who the card says you are when you present it to receive treatment.

However, there are still many millions of the old red-and-white magnetic stripe cards in circulation.

Keeping up-to-date patient records is a priority at Wise Elephant Family Health Team.

It will unpleasantly surprise you when you use it as a valid piece of identification, but it serves as a false sense of security in your wallet. It is acceptable and official identification in Ontario for voting, travel and other purposes, and you can get it at any Service Ontario location.

Most residents of western Mississauga have received written notices to upgrade the old red-and-white Ontario Health Card. There are many more active health cards in circulation than there are living Ontarians.

The Province needs to look after Ontario residents, but to update it to the new version as quickly as you can.

If you are moving or returning to Alberta from outside Canada, you might be eligible for coverage on the date of your arrival when you register within 3 months of arrival and provide all the required documents.

If your spouse or dependants plan to join you in Alberta later, you should maintain coverage for your family and yourself through the province/territory whose card you hold - up to 12 months.