Updating nvidia bootcamp driver macbook pro intimite internet dating

28 Feb

The Boot Camp update comes in two versions: one for the latest 2013 model i Mac and Mac Book systems, and another for all other models.

I think this is a bug in the n Vidia drivers and 99.99% they won’t fix it. If you want USB booting, you need I chose the simpler route of staying all MBR and just using DVDs.

Is there anyway to use the Nvidia card on the Windows?

There are the steps I took to get Windows 10 on my spare mid-2009 15″ Macbook Pro. But mostly because I wanted to learn a bit more about UEFI systems and their boot-up sequence.

First is the integrated Intel graphics and then you also have a discrete n Vidia graphics card.

In UEFI mode, they are BOTH enabled and this will kill your Windows installation when you eventually install the graphics drivers.