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21 Mar

Something you must also consider when re-representing your business size.

Reference the Code of Federal Regulations In regards to the last paragraph of your post, if a MAS contractor rereps its self as a small (when previously they were other than) in response to the solicitation refresh and they do not meet the conditions noted in 1 - 3, does the original size of the company remain the same until one of the conditions noted in 1 - 3 are present? A business size IS what it IS as certified on date of offer on a MAS solicitation.

Based on the new size standard under NAICS 541611 (now million) Company A can now recertify as a small buiness.

I know that all you aked is for is the time and I proceeded to tell you how to build a clock first, but hopefully we all can understand this matter that is definitely not exactly an easy one to understand. Very few current contractors will meet these criteria - am I interpreting correctly?

This is because the FAR requires contractors to rerepresent their size in accordance with the size standard that corresponds to the NAICS code assigned to the contract Regarding SBC_07's question scenerio, here is my assumption: 1. Here is the rationale behind it (Thanks go to Mahruba Uddowla for this excellent interpretation of the FAR): Q.

How are small business contractors able to re-represent at any time but large business contractors have to wait for certain conditions? FAR 19.301-2 covers rerepresentation requirements of small business concerns.

It is usually not thought of in the context of "the contractor" in question (the one who wants to re-rep) acquiring another contractor.“We heard from procurement leaders across government that price variability on Schedules was a problem,” she said, “[and], in response, we spearheaded the Competitive Pricing Initiative (CPI), which looks at the current prices of identical products offered by suppliers through MAS and identifies opportunities for more competitive prices.” According to information provided by the GSA, the CPI has led to price reductions on roughly 1.4 million items across all of GSA’s 15 products Schedules.The GSA has also addressed issues raised by contractors and procurement officers across the country.If awarded at the size it certified in its offer, it stays that "business size label" until modified by a size re-representation mod based on the three conditions stated (reference FAR 52.219-28).A change in business size standard is not included as one of those conditions.