Updating firmware for linksys router

07 Feb

That's convenient, because updating Amped Wireless firmware takes a little tech know-how that should sound familiar to anyone who's built a PC.While some of the company's routers can update their firmware automatically, the company website provides Briefly, go to the Amped Wireless website and visit its support section.Firmware updates for the Linksys routers are introduced time to time.You must login and update the Linksys router firmware every time when updates are available.Asus also recommends you reset the router after the installation is complete by pressing the reset button on the router's underside for 5 seconds.First, ensure that you're on the same network as your router.and controls the configurations for Linksys Smart Wi Fi routers from any location.

Simply create account for Linksys Smart Wi Fi using default login address my or

Linksys router setup for Linksys Smart Wi Fi account is possible using Linksyssmartwifi, http //Linksyssmartwifi.com,

Linksyssmartwifi.com, or simply Linksys smart wifi. You are there to access the smart Wi Fi account for your Linksys router.

// my Configure your home network for the Linksys router and manage your home network very easily after creating account for Linksys Smart Wi Fi account.

You will need to access the Linksys Smart Wi Fi account using the login address that can Linksyssmartwifi.com,