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:space else separator.value.to_sym end) end def call(name, *args) unless name.is_a? (Sass:: Script:: Value:: Function) assert_type name, : Function, :function end if name.is_a?

(Sass:: Script:: Value:: String) name = if function_exists(name).to_bool get_function(name) else get_function(name, "css" = Changes one or more properties of a color.

mixin_frame = environment.stack.frames[-2] unless mixin_frame && mixin_== :mixin raise Sass:: Syntax Error.new("Cannot call content-exists() except within a mixin.") end bool(! ) end def get_function(name, kwargs = ) assert_type name, : String, :name css = if kwargs.has_key? (alpha) return unquoted_string("hsla(#, #, #, #)") end assert_type hue, : Number, :hue assert_type saturation, : Number, :saturation assert_type lightness, : Number, :lightness assert_type alpha, : Number, :alpha check_alpha_unit alpha, 'hsla' h = hue.value s = saturation.value l = lightness.value # Don't store the string representation for function-created colors, both # because it's not very useful and because some functions aren't supported # on older browsers.

("css") v = kwargs.delete("css") assert_type v, : Bool, :css v.value else false end if kwargs.any? Sass:: Script:: Value:: Color.new( :hue = is passed, if one list is comma-separated and one is space-separated, the first parameter's separator is used for the resulting list.

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t_arg_arity Increases or decreases one or more properties of a color.

This can change the red, green, blue, hue, saturation, value, and alpha properties.

The properties are specified as keyword arguments, and are added to or subtracted from the color's current value for that property. You can't specify both RGB properties ( [-1..1, ""] ) do |name, (range, units)| val = kwargs.delete(name) next unless val assert_type val, : Number, name Sass:: Util.check_range("$#: Amount", range, val, units) if range adjusted = color.send(name) val.value adjusted = [0, Sass:: Util.restrict(adjusted, range)]if range [name.to_sym, adjusted] end unless kwargs.empty?

(Hash) rest.unshift kwargs kwargs = end unless rest.empty?

# Add 4 to rest.length because we don't want to count the kwargs hash, # which is always passed.