Updating checked row data in table in cgi perl

01 Apr

The exact behavior can be controlled via the Memory Interchange databases use Perl hashes to store the data directly in memory.

Every time the Interchange server is restarted, it will re-import all in-memory databases for every catalog.

Using SQL also makes your data sets easily available for integration with other applications.We should say right away that Interchange is completely database-independent.The choice of actual database types that can work with Interchange is large, and Interchange can use some database-like methods automatically when you're not explicitly interested in paying attention to databases working behind the scenes.Always be consistent when naming or referencing fields and you'll avoid the trouble. If a database is specified to be one of the first six types, then the database will automatically be converted to a more efficient internal structure. The order of preference and the selection is: As hinted above, you do not need to use an external SQL database.If you only have a small data set, you could use Interchange's internal databases.