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02 Apr

We provide free lesson plans specifically designed for language exchange practice between native speakers.Lesson plans are currently available in English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Japanese and Korean. 1 demonstrate : demur den denial : denominator denote : denounce dense : dent (n dental ' dentist . eater ' eating ' eau (n ) eavesdrop : ebb ebony : ebullient 3^0 eccentnc eccentricity echo eclat -(n eclipse : economical, :(a economics economist .' Bconomy ecstasy - edge . elucidation elude elysium ( emaciate : emaciated - emanate . "forethought :(n.)a,x forfeit : forfeiture forge forget .- forgetful forgive : fork forlorn form - formal : formality . frank ' frantic ( fraternity fradulent fraught :(a.)3o&3 freak :(n free freedom freely . frenzy -(n.)e frequency frequent frequently : fresh freshness -(n J^r^ fretful fret-work .(n friar (n)S^& friction :(n )ul& Friday . dated ' datura daughter-in-law dauntlessly dawdle :(vf dawn : day , daylong dazzling dead '(a deadly * deaf .(a )3fit3 deafness :(n deal (n ) deify :(v.t.)B deity : dejection delay delegate : deliberate :(a delicacy delicate : delicious delight : delinquent: (a deiinum deliver : deliverance delivery delude : deluge ' demand : demeanour demerit : demise : democracy demolish dem .demon . depression deprive depth derelection : dende derision derivation ' derive ' derogatory : . ease (n )Z _37 easily easiness east eastward easy ' easy-chair, (n eatable . fragment fragrance fragrant : frail frame franchise . well i can help you to learn English and Kannada other known languages which I know. Ed., Publishers : NAVARATNA BOOK CENTRE Karl Marx Road. Little Master's English-Telugu Dictionary Editor : S. All around the globe, reports of the top best love messages being sent by text as a new way to express special thoughts for love and affection to a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Hello, I am Suhyun living in Seoul but lived in London till last year.

I am undergoing Deutsche language course and require practice in parallel.

I am Sunil from Bangalore Would like to learn practising languages better to speak.

I have travelled to Spain, Germany in Europe and UK as well.

I am from US and live near Milwaukee in state of WI. I relocated to Germnay due to my job and its important for me to become business proficient in German language at the earliest possible.