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21 Feb

Earliest 500 sets were not marked with suffix codes. Note: There were no seperate model numbers for manual and dial versions. Single line w/ hooded dial lamp (GE46 bulb, 6-8v ac or dc supply, P17A120 lamp cap assembly [contact me if you have spares of this part! The light is only activated when the handset is offhook. 4-conductor mounting cord and terminal strip installed below dial.

500 and date were stamped in ink, usually along the front edge of the baseplate. Early single line w/ 425A net & amp; separate 311A equalizer. This is a manufacturing code, not the model number. Single line w/ plunger switch to avoid interference on extensions (or party lines). Originally used in applications where the ringer circuit had to be brought out through the mounting cord.

BSPs or wiring diagrams for some common models are available on several internet sites including the ATCA and TCI club sites.

Arranged for 4-wire service and equipped with a switch hook arrangement which provides one spare transfer and two spare make contacts. 1A Industrial Communication System Comcode: 103 222 592 Available only in yellow (-56) and light gray (-61)".

The spare make contacts may be used for such purposes as controlling external relays or applying idle line circuit terminations. Single line w/ receiver amplification and push-to-listen button (G2 or G5 handset). Manual set, 2 or 4 wire, manual 4-step ringer volume control, neon lamp equipped, ringer supplement, push to talk handset.

Many independent shops or field mods were not remarked with the accurate model number.

Check out the table key for model numbering background and other reference details.