Taylor swift dating shorter guy

08 Mar

Robin said he says they're not artists, they're sales people and whores. Howard said he got all fat and out of shape after looking good for so long. Howard said he thinks he was on in California on KROQ. Gary said that there's Doug the Slug and DJ Sour Milk. Gary read off other names like Spaz, Full Metal Jackie, Kid Leo, Kid Craddock and others. Howard said she comes up with something good once in awhile. Howard said that the lines they use are so bad too.

Howard said if he looked good he'd never let himself go. He said they can't have a brain in their head if they're doing that.

Howard started the show talking about how exhausted he is. Robin said there's a documentary about Marlon Brando on cable and he talks about his life and the industry and it's amazing. Howard said it's called ''Listen to be Marlon'' and it's on Showtime. Howard said Marlon lost his mind around the time he grew tits. Howard said if he changed his name he'd change it to Guy Mann-Dude. Gary said he's looking at goofy radio names like Jed the Fish. Howard took a call from a guy who asked him to stop picking up on Mariann. The caller said she's like the female version of Bobo. Howard took a call from a guy who said he wants a Flat Ronnie. Howard said he's not sure what people are thinking out there. She said that they have this to hold over them the rest of their life.

am Show opening bits and songs included: A Baba Booey song parody, Ben Stern ''Proper Modulation'' song parody, Katy Perry performing ''I Kissed a Girl'' in the Howard Stern Show studio. Howard said it would have to be the right situation. Robin said it was nice hearing him being so frank and honest. Howard took a call from a guy who asked if he was a fan of WKRP in Cincinnati. The caller asked if he could make a movie about that. He said it was the best movie about radio ever made. Howard said he was almost Miles August on the radio. He said he went online and tried to find him but there's very little about him out there. The two of them went at each other for a short time before Angry Political Guy hung up. Howard asked why these guys are defending these people who harass women. Howard said he's not sure where these guys get the idea that showing their penis to people is going to turn them on. Howard said even in a bar whipping out your junk isn't going to get you anywhere. Howard took a call from a woman who said that this is more of a power play than anything.

Howard said he isn't going to do 4 months like he did with his movie. He said Ivan Reitman was great and Betty Thomas was great. He said if he does a movie they're not going to look out for him. He said she was showering and he kind of knows what that means. Howard said she's saying that women who were raped are sending out a signal and they're asking for it. Howard had a clip of a congresswoman blaming sexual assault on women being too inviting. Howard said that little Paris is quite a catch with all of that money. He said She must look like her mother since there's no Michael there.

Howard said if it was a great role with just a 2 day shoot or something he'd do it. Howard said that Bill O'Reilly was on Trump's side. She said she's a different person now and men are going to approach her in a different way. Robin said she comes out on the wrong side of every argument.

Robin said what they do is have someone get the information and take it to a bakery. Howard asked why you'd want to learn that with other people. Howard said he would go to Ivan and Betty and tell them not to use something. Howard said he liked the movie ''Suburbicon'' and it didn't do well. He said he thinks that was his treat at the end of the day. She said you can have behavior that's inviting and she thinks that's the responsibility of the female. Howard played that clip and laughed as the guy gave his thoughts on that. Fred played Robin into her news with a song parody about Cocktober being over. Robin read a story about Wendy Williams passing out on her show yesterday. Howard played the clip and Wendy was introducing a segment when She passed out. Robin said She fell on the floor from a standing position.

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Howard said if anything he's jealous of Richard spending time with his kid.

Howard said he doesn't need to be in something he's not so sure about. Robin said he was talking about how some of his decisions were being made by his penis at some points in his life. He asked why he wasn't born to Randy Gerber and Cindy Crawford types. Howard said he was Johnny Fever and Robin was the Loni Anderson character. Howard said he heard of a guy named Dennis Erectus. He said there are other good names like Guy Mann-Dude. Howard said Fred told him that Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Mark Knopfler weren't great signers. Then they had fake Angry Political Guy call in and go off on Angry Political Guy. He asked why it's not sexual assault when women do it. Howard said he has to take a break and then he'll get Craig back on and play the game. Robin read that Netflix has closed down production on the final season of House of Cards.

Howard said he was asked to be in a movie recently but he's not sure how it's going to turn out. Howard said he was a prominent actor and he is an artist. He said he was the Godfather and he did other great movies. The caller said it would be cool if someone made a more realistic one. He said it's been made and it's called ''Private Parts.'' Robin said someone said they just saw it the other day. Fred said there are a lot of people who can't sing who have hit songs. Howard said Robin was talking to him about her music and how she's going to sing some of the new Divas music. He got pissed at Lee yelling at him to never call in again. am After the break Howard came right back and said those live commercials he reads should make him the most in demand voice over artist. Robin said maybe it's because he's very identifiable. Howard said he is watching the new season of Stranger Things. Howard said he has to say as a critic that he was not hopeful that it would be good. The guy said there would be sexual harassment calls over that. He had a few choices and the caller picked a Big Foot game. Robin said this guy claims that Kevin tried to show him his genitals.

Howard said you have to train first and then pick one out. Howard asked why he wouldn't have a shotgun because you're less likely to miss. He said maybe a Glock if you're going to get a hand gun. Jorge said that George Takei is wrong about his pronunciation of Aqua. He said they could have killed that prick early on.

He said he doesn't own one but that would be his strategy. He said call the NRA because they'll give a recommendation. Howard said he's a defender of the second amendment. Howard said no one in Germany had a gun in World War II.