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23 Feb

"There's no rhyme or reason" to the lack of 5-star helmets at a particular school, Lynch said.

"We follow the process of recondition and replacing helmets.

He said he was wearing a 5-star-rated Riddell Speed helmet."I know that the school has the resources to stay up to date and provide the safest equipment," said Lauletta, who played quarterback at the Naval Academy and coached a youth football team.Amy Troyano said, "No matter how hard they try to play safely, kids get hurt playing football." Mark Maguire went through that last season.Locally, parents say they are aware of helmet safety standards but rely on the schools' athletic departments to comply with them."I'm completely confident that my boys are safely equipped and know the correct way to tackle," said Celeste Lomax, who lives in Washington Township, Gloucester County, and has two sons, junior Brad and freshman Chase, playing football at St. Joe Lauletta, of Exton, Chester County, is the father of Downingtown East senior quarterback Bryce Lauletta.