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21 May

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California bound, an Oklahoma educator is on a mission.One of the lead organizers who was arrested after she shut down an Arizona road causing massive delays with dozens of other protesters against Donald Trump claims she was sent to Immigration and Customs Enforcement because of her surname.Jacinta Gonzalez was arrested Saturday in Fountain Hills after she tied a band of some sort around her neck and locked it onto a van's window frame that was parked on Shea Boulevard to block traffic from those who wanted to attend the GOP presidential front-funner's rally.They've done it twice now, here: And here: Put that chain on and rip it off! On the first Friday in May, a line of advertising and media people stretched down New York's West 22nd Street, waiting to hear from Shane Smith, the 45-year-old bearded and bearish co-founder of Vice.One of the media world's most flamboyant CEOs had an announcement to make.