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25 Feb

It's an apt metaphor for watching early Simpsons episodes.As the boys spot flaming school buses and a headless statue, so can one see the sparkles of genius that would come in later episodes.Gavin King (@Gavin King13) "Moaning Lisa" is a very deep episode, emotionally deeper than any other cartoon would go.Following a small series of sad events, Lisa Simpson becomes depressed; she gives away her last cupcake, her band teacher tells her to follow the music, she is stolen from meeting a saxaphone-genius.

It's not one of the most memorable episode for a lot of people but it really does show the heart of the show.This is one of the most important episodes in the first few seasons that still effects the current shows being produced. take from Joshua Burke (@jemcinema) Krusty being one of my favorite characters, I loved this episode because of him.The rest of the cast was good too, but Krusty really stood out in this episode.After declaring that the dog is "a loser, he's pathetic," Homer's rage is broken when Santa's Little Helper licks his face, forcing him to admit: "He's a Simpson! Casey (@henrytcasey) The only scripted TV show that came before the modern internet and is still running today, The Simpsons opened its second episode with two proto-memes.Bart's chalkboard gag has made us laugh and helped us mourn, while the family couch has seen everything from The Flintstones To Minecraft.