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30 Apr

We didn’t know this young man or his family at all. He glanced up to her and apologized for his pet’s enthusiasm. I dogs.” She leaned to pet its head and added, “My husband’s working out of town this weekend.

Thought I’d clean the car and hose down our back patio.” “I could help,” he said.

At my suggestion, my wife then had dated six guys, all but one for short terms.

His obvious interest in her body had an effect on her.

Neither of those chores was the sort of detailing my wife would normally perform.

When he was finished, lines of grease had smudged his loose swimsuit.

He would be attending a technical college in an adjoining town when September rolled around.

He wore glasses and was about my wife’s height, lean and fit, with black hair and hazel eyes.

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I can wash your swimsuit as a small return to your favor.” He reminded her that he’d be without clothes but added as a joke, “Might be fun though.” She responded, “We could sit in the hot tub until it’s dry. ” “Beer sounds good,” he said to his back as he walked through the patio door and down the hall to the shower. His eyes lowered to her nipples standing out against the thin robe.

Her breasts aren’t large but certainly well formed This red swimsuit is briefer than most.

Its bottom consists of two small triangular patches at front and back, secured by narrow laces at each side. The “helpful” neighbor, she would learn, had just graduated from high school at that summer’s beginning.

But this young guy was particularly appealing and clearly interested in her body.

She now wondered whether she might be too judicious about that rule.