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30 Apr

But this young guy was particularly appealing and clearly interested in her body.

She now wondered whether she might be too judicious about that rule.

“I have nothing else to do, aside from babysitting the family dog.

My parents are visiting my Mom’s sister ‘til tomorrow night.” He didn’t wait for her to accept his offer.

We didn’t know this young man or his family at all. He glanced up to her and apologized for his pet’s enthusiasm. I dogs.” She leaned to pet its head and added, “My husband’s working out of town this weekend.

Thought I’d clean the car and hose down our back patio.” “I could help,” he said.

He announced he would take the dog home and return shortly. She knew why he was eager to help; she knows she looks good in a bikini.

They ended the night of drinking and dancing by retiring to his hotel room. She told me later that, by rough comparison, his seven and a half inch **** makes my four and half inches seem minuscule.

This happened awhile back, not long before we purchased our most recent home. That Saturday morning, she chose to wash her sedan and clean the deck of our back patio. To avoid becoming a neighborhood spectacle, she drives it around to the side of our home.

This time, it was a dim, early morning while neighbors were assumed to be sleeping.

At my suggestion, my wife then had dated six guys, all but one for short terms.

His obvious interest in her body had an effect on her.