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13 Apr

Many months before that, my wife felt a calling to have another child.At first I thought she was crazy, especially since I had a vasectomy around 2011.But we continued the surgery in hope all would go well .8 months later I became pregnant which ended in a missed miscarriage.Waited a couple of weeks before flying back home to Kampala. In June my wife became pregnant again and on February 1st, 2017 she gave birth to a very healthy, although premature, baby boy. she is due 3 weeks after our 1 year date that we came to the clinic! We were all the way in the low percentage pregnancy rate because my husband has had his vasectomy for 15 years but Dr. We couldn't afford IVF and decided let's just do the reversal and then we leave it in God's hands. The procedure was done on March 2017 and less than a year later now January 2018 I got my BFP (big fat positive) pregnancy test and due in Sept 2018!! We just wanted to share with you that we now have a beautiful 3.5 month baby girl.God is Great and in December, just 2 months later, my wife was pregnant. We feel so blessed to have found you and refer to her as our little miracle baby.Unfortunately, we lost that pregnancy in February of 2016. My husband had his VR on 10/7/16, approximately 8 1/2 years post-vasectomy. When he did the analysis under the microscope in the office, there weren't any sperm on one side and only heads on the other, but we didn't even have to submit a specimen for followup analysis b/c we were pregnant within 3 weeks of the procedure. I'm a bit overdue for sending this to you, the last month has been a bit crazy!

However, I believe The LORD used this to grow our faith and even our relationship. Phil Brown For 5 years I searched dr David Wilson and researched everything I could about him and vasectomy reversal .We found out the end of January that we were expecting after just 3 cycles and our daughter was born on 9/28/17, just under a year from the initial procedure. We traveled to Oklahoma in 2008, it had been almost 8-9 years since my husbands vasectomy. Peyton will be 9 in February of 2018 and she is a blessing. We've been through quite the journey in the last year.In December of 2016 we drove from Illinois to your clinic.It had been almost 14 years since having the vasectomy. Wilson was very honest and open about the percentages of success. I love both kids more than life itself, but it's definitely time to get snipped again.He went through all the legal jargon explaining everything he was going to do and what could go wrong just like you would expect. It was October of 2015 when I flew to Oklahoma to have the procedure done. Just in time for the holidays we found out we are expecting , we now know a little girl.. Mine is truly a miracle that couldn't have been possible without God and Dr. I have a 10yr old son from a prior relationship and my husband 2 daughters in their 20's from a previous marriage but none together. It is still early on but I have full faith in the Lord that if He allowed this then it was for a reason and all will be well. God's timing is always right and thank you for people like Dr. May the Lord keep blessing him in bringing such happiness to peoples lives.