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01 May

He can’t go up and down stairs so I carry him up and down our 12 steps that go from our high deck to our backyard.

Since he’s been on Prednisone, he has to potty a lot so it’s an hourly, every-other-hour task.

NOTE: I noticed that my dog would always be shivering extremely hard when we walked into the grooming department. Several minutes later a male came on the phone to assist me.

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We thought maybe he pulled a muscle because he’s a very active dog.We made him rest and didn’t take him to chase his ball, hoping it would heal.His leg got worse and it actually moved to both legs. By 10 days out of grooming, he had gone from a sore leg, to not being able to be touched.The customer service representative told me that they couldn’t give out that information but they would send an email of my complaint to the local store manager.The local store manager left me a voice mail but I didn’t bother returning her call because she is just as young and immature as Justin the assistant manager.