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14 Mar

It will take the efforts of all four, plus a little extra, to keep their people safe. I don’t believe it, you always follow the rules.’ Aden shook his head in disbelief.‘Don’t get any ideas.

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But she was good at making clinical decisions, she was good at separating feelings from duty. And hasn’t her life since falling to Earth proved that? Clarke is the last in a long line of healers, hiding their strange gift for centuries.This time, she finds herself submitting to a strong Commander who has finally conquered the rebellious Skaikru. Or the one Lexa gets back to her childhood town looking for herself after losing everything, only to find something (or someone) she didn't know she needed back in her life.This Commander has a reputation for taking the most beautiful women of a tribe she conquers. Three years after their first meeting, that fateful afternoon, Lexa wakes up to find the streets of Polis covered with snow. You may leave at any time you wish, and stay as long as you would like.The star recently stepped away from the camera to perform on stage, taking part in a Nottingham Playhouse production of Touch.As well as performing in the World War 2 play, Vicky also helped to campaign for dementia awareness through the role, as the play included a performance that was friendly to people with the condition.