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25 May

Source: Iowa Department of Administrative Services.

“It’s happening here in Iowa,” 2003 Midland graduate Callie Chatterton said to the Jones County Safe and Healthy Youth Coalition March 11.

A status of "TERMINATED" does not indicate that the employee was fired, only that the person no longer works in that position. Also, some employees show up multiple times in instances where they are listed under more than one department.

Inaccuracies in the data should be referred to the Iowa Department of Administrative Services, the source of the state salary book.

The Des Moines Register maintains the database of state employees based on electronic files used for the annual printing of the state salary book.

The salary information is based on fiscal year periods dating back to fiscal year 2006.

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She said men with guns were posted outside her door.

Internship opportunities look good on a resume, help students advance their career, and provide essential experiences that help students explain work opportunities they have put their skills to the test with.

A well-known Davenport musician is speaking out about what she calls a hellish nightmare that resulted in a new Iowa law for sex abuse survivors.

The "July Salary" column indicates the employee's base salary; annual salary may include bonuses.

Community Based Corrections officers and State Fair Board members are not included in this release of public data.