Sex chat telephone line would like to meet the truth about internet dating

13 May

For some youths, calling telephone sex lines has become an uncontrollable addiction.

One young man we’ll call Jim demonstrates just how “hooked” some can become.

Before long, however, they began discussing immoral topics. It is not surprising, then, that when their circumstances finally allowed them to be together, they quickly fell into unclean behavior.

For you know this, recognizing it for yourselves, that no fornicator or unclean person or greedy person​—which means being an idolater—​has any inheritance in the kingdom of the Christ and of God.”​—Ephesians 5:3-5; Colossians 3:8.

Intimate talk that deliberately arouses immoral thoughts or that triggers masturbation is obviously unclean in Jehovah’s eyes.

Jim saw the number for a telephone sex line on a billboard advertisement.

He memorized the number and later called it out of curiosity.