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06 May

When I am working and it is not interesting I play the "Panty Game" That is the one where you are in a meeting or in a seminar or just in your normal office environment and you think....."who in this population of suited men are wearing panties? After I exploded into the flesh light I tried my best to slow the rocking of the chair.

Not that the ***** in my *** hurt but my **** was so sensitive it was unbearable to have it stroked.

The one problem that this presents is that most submissives are not aggressive in the sexual arena.

Fortunately - I am so I can put that rather annoying trait in my...

Experienced, devoted to service, devoted to detail, devoted to pampering its Owner/s, and enjoys being allowed the privilege to take the initiative to please its Owner/s without Their having to realize They need or want something. IWhen I came home from work to tell my sub/pet that I was moving with my job it was not even a question of whether or not he would join Me.

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I could let her have control of when i have sex,and do what ever she... Despite this inclination, I lead a mostly vanilla life until my 40's. Im gorgeous Its not hard finding a guy but he just has to be VERY SUBMISSIVE.... Email me if you have any suggestions as to what approach I should take... My goddess found out that i am sharing ideas in EP and look on other female pictures. It doesn’t matter how cute you are or if you have an ‘S’ line or ‘I’ line or ‘D’ line body shape, it’s not about looks.

I have finally accepted that it is my place to serve and give pleasure. The subjuect of submissive men came up during a recent conversation with a new EP friend.

It was deja vu all over again as He shared His distaste for male subs because He believed them to all be effeminate, weak, simpering little boys. After many (many) encounters with all types of men, I found that I am happiest with men of a submissive nature.

He must have been watching because he came over to me and begin to push and pull my chair...

I just met her last week and we were both drunk at the bar.