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16 Feb

Charging half-a-crown a ticket — a fortune in those days — she’d lie under a 3,000lb block of marble and then throw it 6ft away from her — without using her hands.By the late 19th century, however, there was far more competition and audiences were not so easily satisfied.In an instant, Madame Elise had leapt out, taken the horse’s place and dragged the caravan and its occupants to the brow of the hill.Genuinely courageous, she also once stopped a runaway horse in Bristol and rescued a horse from a music-hall fire.Before embarking on various feats of strength, she’d swing on a trapeze while dressed in voluminous Victorian clothes.But even sexy Charmion couldn’t hold a candle to the 15-year-old girl who was briefly the best-known strongwoman of her time.

Then four men would lift a piano on to the platform.(left), was charged with raping a 12-year-old girl, while his cousin, and the brother of Brittney Wood, Derek Wood, was also charged in the same incident 'Sick': Wendy Holland's brother, Randall Scott Wood (left), has been arrested on charges of sodomy and sexual abuse.Family friend William Brownlee (right) was charged in the incident with the 12-year-oldteenage mother Brittney Wood, her brother (Derek Wood), cousin (Donald Holland Jr.), aunt (Wendy Holland), and two uncles, (Dustin Kent and Randall Scott Wood), have been arrested on sex abuse charges in separate cases.Her seemingly superhuman strength was even put to practical use.Once, while she was travelling through Cornwall in a caravan with five others, their horse refused to go up a particularly steep hill.