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02 Apr

It’s more of a shortcut than a completely new feature, but should still prove useful, especially for group chats in which you don't know all of the other members.The Reply Privately option, which will only be an option inside group chats, will live inside the menu bubble that pops up when you tap and hold a message, WABeta Info reports.“It was really difficult for us to handle, knowing that these are people who represent our school.” The lack of response Bradley said he saw from LHS staff motivated the Total Equality Alliance to stage a walk-out after first period Monday morning, he said.About 45 students met Monday outside the school’s front entrance, proceeding around 10 a.m. There, Bradley said, students met Assistant Principal Pruet.Picture-in-picture mode lets you play videos directly inside the messaging app, in a floating window you can move and resize.We’ve known Whats App has been working on picture-in-picture functionality for You Tube videos for some time, but it appears picture-in-picture could soon apply to all video clips.On Friday, he said, the football players involved in the conversation were still allowed to play in that evening’s game against Lee’s Summit West.To him, the incident sends a message that “LHS is valuing their players over their minority students.” “It wasn’t really a shock to us, but it was alarming,” Bradley, who serves as events coordinator of his school’s TEA club, said of the messages.

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Bradley said the text messages were sent out initially on Wednesday.“You will be looked upon as a role model.” The protesters’ list of demands also asks that these students write an apology to those who were harassed, and also asks for “public recognition that the main group responsible” were student athletes.Aside from disciplinary matters, the demands also call for new administration at the school dedicated to handling discrimination issues, as well as a new panel comprising five teachers and two students to serve as “decision-makers on punishments for any future incidents of discrimination and as support for all students.” Bradley told the Journal-World he didn’t expect all these demands to be met.He and other LGBT students, he said, just wanted to feel their concerns were being adequately heard.Raven Andersen-Rolland, an LHS senior who joined the protests Monday, said the issues being discussed weren’t new to her school.