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24 Mar

"But at least Will's back in her life -- thank God -- [so], you know, she'll have her dad [if the worst happens]..." Sonny continued.

"And you -- her other dad," Justin pointed out, giving Sonny a supportive pat on the back.

"[She's] gonna need all the support she can get when she faces the D. "Yeah, but no murder charges have actually been filed, correct? "Not yet...[but it] could just be a matter of time," Justin admitted.

Sonny couldn't believe that, years after Nick's murder trial, Trask still "had it in for" Gabi.

"And I'm not saying you can still hold on to hope," Justin countered.

"Because if Will's memories ever come back, he's not just going to remember that you loved him; he'll remember that he also loved you," Justin continued.

"Trask was not happy when she found out that Gabi wasn't going to serve her complete sentence [for killing Nick]," Justin explained, adding that the deck certainly seemed stacked against Gabi.

Forging ahead, John stressed, "[Look], you don't remember, but I work for an organization known as the International Security Alliance, [and] we deal with a lot of cases [that] are way over the heads of most civilians, and since you're not operating with all the facts here..." "You don't have to treat me like a child, John," Will countered, adding that he knew all about the ISA. Ignoring the question, John ordered Will to stay out of the matter.Shrugging, Justin explained that he was simply trying to be realistic; he was quick to add, however, that he could handle the district attorney."I've done it before; I can do it again," Justin continued."But something else might -- maybe something out of left field you never even considered," Justin countered. No, no, no, no, no -- I don't want to think about anything traumatic happening to Will ever again. Nodding in agreement, Justin clarified that he certainly wasn't wishing for another traumatic event to occur; he was simply pointing out that memories could be jogged at any moment, for any reason."Yeah, but I can't wait forever for that to happen," Sonny argued.