Sandra bullock and sylvester stallone dating

05 May

Yet it’s the relationship between Rocky and love interest Adrian that lends the film real heart, and the ending (scripted, lest we forget, by Stallone himself) is also a true original: contrary to the time-honoured Hollywood narrative arc, Rocky loses the fight on points, but we barely hear the announcement as he is reunited with his lady. Meanwhile, Stallone won a place at Hollywood’s top table that he’s never really relinquished.FIRST BLOOD (1982) Its sequel may have created a trigger-happy poster boy for the "shootfirst, worry about dialogue later" school of action movies, and a 1980s moral panic into the bargain, but the movie that began the franchise is a far superior beast.Now in his fifth decade as a movie actor, Sylvester Stallone is back in Escape Plan, a promising-looking slice of prison break action silliness, alongside his fellow action icon Arnie Schwarzenegger.The strangely ageless-looking Sly (well, he always had a complexion like a bag of spanners), may be happy to play to his action archetype these days, but our pick of his best movies shows he’s always been a better actor than he is given credit for, not to mention, on occasion, a pretty tidy writer and director.Feel free to suggest your own entries for this list – if you’re outraged that Stop!Or My Mom Will Shoot just missed the cut, here’s the place to tell us why…It tells the story of John Rambo, a Vietnam vet trying to track down his old comrades, who reacts to unwarranted police harassment by going native and waging a one-man guerrilla war against The Man.His "gangsta Ray Mears" approach to avoiding the cops inspired generations of impressionable teenage boys, most of whom thankfully elected not to stitch their wound by hand the next time they fell out of a tree.

When it comes to bonding with Sandra Bullock‘s 3-year-old son, Louis, George Clooney does it with a game of hoops.

Stallone’s representative has denied the 67-year-old actor used the N word and told Mail Online: 'This is just another example of an embellishment of a story to make innocuous videos and pictures more valuable.

Frank Pesce, who can be seen in the video with the star, said: 'I was with Sly the whole time, and he never said the N-word.

This may have been the role that set Stallone’s much-mocked caricature in stone – the slightly dopey-looking, monosyllabic punch-drunk beefcake who wears wounds on his face like other men wear moisturiser.

But remember, your speech would be pretty slurred too if you’d just endured a 15-round slugathon with the world champion in which basic boxing tactics like putting your guard up were regarded as surplus to requirements.