Sandara park and joseph bitangcol dating Sexo log room chat

04 Feb

Much attention was raised since the Filipino pressed has mentioned Sandara Park as Joseph’s ‘ex-girlfriend’.Joseph said in the interview, “I’m proud of Sandara Park being successful in Korea.On the May 14th taping of ABS-CBN's Sunday night show 'Gandang Gabi Vice' (Good Evening Vice), 2NE1's Dara was surprised by her Star Circle Quest batch mates including actress Melissa Ricks, actor Joross Gamboa and her former boyfriend actor Joseph Bitangcol.

With that, the media has remember Sandara Park as Joseph’s ‘ex-girlfriend’.Sandara Park with her ex-boyfriend, Joseph Bitangcol.They started dating since the middle of 2005 till around 2007.It’s nice to see her so comfortable around a guy & they looked great together.I bet you all those fanboys of Dara would die to be in Joseph’s position. But I hope whoever she dates in the future won’t cheat on her!