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01 Apr

Those managers would often say: “Please come to find me if you wish to be an artiste.” As such, Min Ho received a lot of name cards.In the beginning, we shrugged the idea off as we thought he did not have the qualities to be one.It was only a short moment before Min Ho roamed around the playground and eventually went missing.Luckily, there was a little tag on his wrist that wrote his house address and his name. Till now, the incident still sends a shiver down my spine whenever I thought of it.Her post has already been deleted, but netizens continue to express mixed reactions about it on social media. Hindi naman pwede pera pera na lang ang lagi nangingibabaw. “At the end of the day sinabihan pa kong, ‘Esther, magbalot ka ng mga tirang pagkain dyan. (Description from Lee Min Ho’s mum) This is a continuation to my previous article on Lee Min Ho’s childhood where his mother narrates on the interesting events and little details about Lee Min Ho when he was young.Despite this, he enjoyed a high popularity and had acquainted many friends.

During his lower elementary school stage, he was shy child that didn’t like to stand in front of everyone.

Min Ho’s dad played the kind role, while I had no choice but to be the strict mum. Although our family was not wealthy, we tried our best not to disappoint our children and gave them about 100 thousand won as pocket money each time. Instead, he deposited them into his savings account.

Due to his inward personality, he would sometimes give carnations during Parents’ Day and disappear immediately after saying “Mom, please wear it”.

Min Ho who was enthusiastic towards reading newspaper, cultivated a habit to read the commentary articles on the children newspaper and daily papers when he entered elementary school.

He could do addition and subtraction very fast and had a very good memory.