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01 Apr

It was only a short moment before Min Ho roamed around the playground and eventually went missing.Luckily, there was a little tag on his wrist that wrote his house address and his name. Till now, the incident still sends a shiver down my spine whenever I thought of it.After learning Taekwondo, his body became muscular.Nobody in the school dared to pick a fight with him.After learning soccer from coach Cha Bum Kun, Min Ho’s physique improved all of a sudden. His mathematics was also kept consistently above 90 marks.During his first and second year in the middle school, his height increased at an astounding rate.When he was five, Min Ho nearly became a lost child.Even till now, discussions on “whether little Min Ho is scared at that time”, are still a common topic among the family members.

There were even fights among them because some girls wanted to gain exclusiveness to Min Ho.

Min Ho who was enthusiastic towards reading newspaper, cultivated a habit to read the commentary articles on the children newspaper and daily papers when he entered elementary school.

He could do addition and subtraction very fast and had a very good memory.

Min Ho’s dad played the kind role, while I had no choice but to be the strict mum. Although our family was not wealthy, we tried our best not to disappoint our children and gave them about 100 thousand won as pocket money each time. Instead, he deposited them into his savings account.

Due to his inward personality, he would sometimes give carnations during Parents’ Day and disappear immediately after saying “Mom, please wear it”.