Rangoon yangon myanmar dating girls nightlife

20 Feb

They have excellent white and dark rum locally made; whiskey’s with important concentrate and other local spirits.

The whiskey is made with aroma material they buy in England but all other are native and they are amazingly good especially gin and brandy.

In Yangon city they close the whole stuff at least by midnight.

Don't be afraid to walk around, the country is very safe probably one of the safest in Asia.

About nightlife in Myanmar Burma in a realistic way.

Another nice restaurant with plenty of them around is Power Light Entertainment close to Kandawgyi Lake, a pleasant place to kick the night off, they have around 40 of them every evening and the don't follow the fashion show model style but they bring a good sing-dance show. The place has it's charm, is uncomplicated, has some good food, entertainment and girls are nice.As they say in Europe "wine women and laughter" here it's the same just substituted with beer and in the center of the country booze made from "toddy palm juice" is quite popular.That taste not bad, it's sweet and a terrible headache the next day is for sure.The Myanmar and Yangon (Burmese) model are usually pretty girls who want to cash in with the guys who come from everywhere in the country plus foreigner.In SEA it is not as strange to let's say as in Hong Kong where the "Mama San" stands beside the table where you just settled with the pretty one with the stop clock and gives you 10 minutes to come to business, this person must be mad.coming from the mountains of the north.