Paul eastwick speed dating study

29 Feb

We can look not only at what you said you preferred 10 days before the event but what you actually preferred when you met living, breathing beings.We can compare what you said was important to you and what actually was important to you. Because you might find yourself surprised by the person you're attracted to.

The participants then rated their choices, based on who they found most attractive and who they thought would have the greatest earning potential.

Excerpts: NEWSWEEK: Before you held your speed-dating event, you had participants state how much appearance, personality and earning potential would matter in deciding whether they wanted to see someone again.

More women said earning prospects were important in an ideal romantic partner, and more men said beauty.

Looks are most important, personality is second and earning potential is third—at least in the first month of dating. Finkel: It's good news with regard to earning prospects and bad news with regard to looks! We are running a study now, in collaboration with a speed-dating company, with 6,500 people who were single at the time.

Now three years later, we're following up to see whether they got married and did that person match.