Outlook sent items not updating

03 May

Note that the new shared mailbox Sent Items behavior is disabled by default.If you want to enable it for your users, you can do so by using cmdlets mentioned below.In Exchange 2010, there was a way to configure this behavior, but we did not have this feature starting with Exchange 2013.Our customers have told us that a shared mailbox should keep a copy of emails sent from the mailbox by all members of the mailbox in its own Sent Items folder.

Edit 6/15/2015: We are starting to make this feature available again in Office 365.The cause is the same with the Auto Complete/Auto Suggest getting empty in previous versions of Outlook; an add-in preventing Outlook from shutting down properly or even crashing it.An example of an add-in which has caused a lot of issues is the “Outlook Change Notifier”. Note that this is just an example; other add-ins can cause the same issues as well.We have taken that feedback and decided to make some changes to how sent mails are handled for shared mailboxes.We are excited to announce that once this feature is enabled for you (see below), by default all shared mailboxes will retain a copy of emails sent from the mailbox.