Outlook sent items not updating

03 May

Note: if after installation of Exchange 2013 CU9 in an on-premises environment you do not see the new CMDlet parameters, you should run /preparead explicitly with CU9 setup.

We are excited to announce that once this feature is enabled for you (see below), by default all shared mailboxes will retain a copy of emails sent from the mailbox.The Microsoft Outlook team is also working towards a fix to handle these types of crashes and to prevent the Auto Suggest list from becoming corrupted because of this.Edit 6/15/2015: We are starting to make this feature available again in Office 365.When installing i Tunes, it also installs an Outlook add-in called Outlook Change Notifier.Version had several issues which caused Outlook 2000 to crash on startup and the Auto Complete function no longer functioning as it should.