Online dating for musicians

27 Apr

These are 10 things you'll only know if you're dating or have once dated a musician. If they tell you they’re playing a gig outside of town, you find yourself finding coverage for a shift or packing some clothes to head there straight after.

No seriously, give them a cup and chopsticks and they’ll drum you the best version of eye of the tiger you’ve ever heard. Whether it’s a small gig at a bar or a big crowd at a party, nothing’s better than looking up at them and getting to see them do what they love.

If you aren’t your musicians biggest fan, you shouldn’t be with them.

They deserve to have someone that not only backs them up on their journey but encourages them to keep pushing for it.

What's more you have many powerful tools at your disposal.

One such tool is the ability to search and filter your results.

One such tool is online dating, which I will discuss today.

Some of the advantages of online dating are immediately obvious.

Well, actually I’m going to list them for y’all to save some heartache, some money, and a crap ton of time. Of the 4 that I’m not currently dating, three are married and one has a child.But online, sending a message is a much easier task to carry out, with very few social barriers.By being able to message someone as the first form of communication, I believe online dating sites like make it a lot easier for introverted people to come out of their shell.Now take that experience and multiply it by ONE MILLLION.Sister, you have to go to EVERY show, you even have to go to practice!