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12 May

You’ll never be able to think of everything you need a rule for, and you definitely don’t want to work somewhere that attempts that.It’s enough to say that you expect people to behave professionally and exercise common sense.I get that you’re embarrassed to have to talk to people about this at all. It’s going to be far, far more embarrassing if your manager finds out at some point that you knew about this and said nothing.You will look complicit and you will look like you shared in your staff’s bad judgment.I haven’t addressed the situation yet because of a few factors: This was during both of their lunch hours.They were not doing this on the clock (they had both clocked out, I immediately checked).This “Duck Club” is a club people at work where people get “points” for having sex in these locations around the office.I think that is also where the quacking comes into play.

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I assumed this was an inside joke and thought nothing of it and wrote it off as playful silliness or thought I perhaps missed a moment in a recent movie or TV show to which the quacks were referring. I needed to do some printing and our printer is in a room that can be locked by anyone when it is in use (our team often has large volumes of printing they need to do and it helps to be able to sort things in there by yourself, as multiple people can get their pages mixed up and it turns into a mess).

I would call them both into your office and say this: “I should have addressed this with you the day it happened, but I’ve been so shocked that this would happen in our office that I’ve been trying to think about what I can possibly say to you. You cannot under any circumstances engage in sexual behavior in this office.

Doing that during that work day when coworkers are around — regardless of whether or not you were clocked in — is wildly unprofessional, and gives me serious pause about your judgment and professionalism.” You also need to talk to your other team members, since you have reason to think that people are .

And it’s perfectly acceptable to take people to task — or you know, fire them — for .

(Or outside of work hours, for that matter, but it’s particularly egregious that it was during work hours, with people around.) You’ve got to talk to them, and very soon.