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06 Feb

What better way to celebrate than with the people who originated "Have Fun!" No matter what you’re celebrating, Pat O’Brien’s is the place to do it.Did you use your first experience as inspiration for the film? There are tons of awkward moments throughout the film. One time I stood outside of a girl’s house with a rose in my mouth, like between my teeth. This film also features the quintessential dream girl. It was that same girl that I had my first crush on. Definitely—that’s how I interpreted the script the first time I read it. Did you experience any awkwardness with your first crush? It was obviously a joke and was supposed to look stupid, and it really did. She was a friend who I was really into, but she never thought of me that way. Yeah, I guess you can say that she was pretty sought after. Her personality lit up the room, and she could make light of even the most difficult situation.Growing up, she played hockey and was the best goalie around.Erin Joan O'Brien was born February 18, 1985 in Bedford, Ohio to Patrick and Julie O'Brien (Mc Cullough).

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It’s directed by Shawn Levy and stars Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson and Rose Byrne.

He’s handsome enough to be part of the popular crowd, but he squirms when you talk about love and sweats when you talk about female body parts (especially Jennifer Aniston’s.)The 20-year-old former You Tube star made his name as Stiles on the hit MTV series is about a budding romance between two high school students and their first weekend together. And then you start trying to process those feelings.

That’s literally what the film is all about: trying to understand all those emotions you first have when you have no idea where they’re coming from.

I would say that the peak of my dating streak was junior year in high school, where I took relationships on a four-month level.

Yeah, I always have some kind of chick in the closet. What I meant was that I am always in some kind of relationship. Whenever I like a girl, I somehow fall into a relationship with her.