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24 May

Please leave your question below and we will be happy to assist. Since about 6 months in owning this machine same problems that everyone else mentioned.UE errors u E errors, fills with water and stop or drains and leaves contents dripping wet.

If you need parts, check Amazon for LG Washing Machine Parts as it is cheaper then getting the parts from an appliance repair company.The rotor assembly that is held in place by that nut was about an inch lower than it is suppose to be. Imagine how hard it was for me to get the right model number. I have disabilities and having to get up and down to the washer is a HUGE issue for me. Our LG wt1101cw washer is on a flat concrete floor and perfectly leveled.After this nut was tightened up with a ratchet, the UE error was gone and now the washer performs without any problems. I pulled the washer out from the wall, leaned it back against the wall, looked underneath and tightened the large nut in the center as much as I could. It doesn’t matter if we have a full load or nothing in the machine at all it keeps refilling and trying to balance a load that is centered perfectly or not even there.How to prevent the UE error code for Smaller Wash Loads: -Add a few smaller items into the washer to distribute the weight more evenly.-Reduce the spin speed to low or set the washer to no spin on smaller wash loads.