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25 Apr

Most are dressed in some sort of animal attire: There are bears, wolves and even dragons.

It’s hot outside, so not everyone is wearing a full-body fursuit; those are poorly ventilated, and many furries say they’re too expensive (they can cost more than ,000). The only requirement for being a furry, attendees tell me, is saying you are a furry.

Before the convention, he spent 5 to commission artwork of his “fursona,” or furry alter ego, throwing Junius and two other furries out of a helicopter—a nod to a right-wing meme about how an Argentine junta killed dissidents during the 1970s.

(Fan art is popular among furries, who pay artists to draw their fursonas.) Dionysius had planned to commission a new drawing, showing him running over another furry in a truck (someone leaked the plans on Twitter).

“For public safety's sake,” he posted, “if you see this truck or this man, report to staff.”Drayne the Wolf, the convention’s chairman (his real name is Randy Hill), agreed.

“I would like to note that punching someone is an action that can be done very easily at a furry convention,” he says.

Others have started wearing armbands strikingly similar to those worn by Nazis.

To many furries, what started as an online joke isn’t funny anymore.

“Nazis are looking for these same types of alienated white dudes,” he says.

(Like most furries It’s the first day of the convention in Philly, and outside the Hilton, a group of furries stand in a circle, sipping cocktails and smoking cigarettes.