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06 Apr

Women in India often show their backs in Saris so an open back shirt won’t draw you any attention and can add to your packing options.Indian men are not animals, regardless of what the media says and a v-neck usually isn’t much lower than another shirt!

In Bombay and Delhi, girls are wearing club dresses at night and clothes they get abroad from Urban Outfitters or even Indian designers that are not at all conventional.With H&M, Forever 21, Zara, Fossil, and more Western stores opening, the fashion here is changing and evolving.I’ve met loads of designers like Tia (beachy, European style), FARA (boho-chic) and Doe Designs (modern Indian).Top Shop Jamie Jeans – I have these in ripped black, indigo, and green.They are the best fitting high rise jeans I’ve ever found.